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Attend The Best American Schools!

With a network of more than hundred accredited schools/colleges/universities, we have partnered with the best American schools to support international students pursuing their educational interests.

International Education and Homestay

American Division of International Students is a global organization with more than 15 years experience. Our expert team takes a mission of providing quality advising for international students studying abroad in the United States. International students and parents will be supported at every step from application processes, school selections, culture orientation to suitable homestay in a safe and secure environment for the academic duration. Our service maintains an extensive network of U.S accredited schools, colleges and universities in 20 states. We ensure that students will be placed in the best environment that enables them to succeed in pursuing educational goals.

Countries Served

United States, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Japan, and China

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You might be a new student in a foreign country, midway through your program or looking toward graduation — whatever the case, maintaining good

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Helpful Tips for International Students

1: Learn key English phrases and slang This seems obvious, but the slang is the important part. College students in America typically don’t


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